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Thomas Tung

Tom Tung is a Melbourne cartoonist whose works include the daily Mini Tom web-comic (which just passed its 1500 day milestone) as well as many other works including Key Fighters - a Japanese-inspired superhero comic, Horse Gun Mouth -an absurdist adventure, and Queen of Action - a fold-out poster comic.


confirmed for 2019!

Tiffany Yue

Just a person who wants to spread the word bout dyin’ good and having a lil slice of life


Tim Burden

My name is Tim and I'm a visual artist and writer located in Sydney. I've been drawing since I can remember, mainly a lot of monsters and macabre violent scenes to the concern of my parents. I've always had it in my head that I was going to make a comic, there was no real moment that inspired this, it was just a given. For me comics are like proto-movies, they're able to tell a visual story but have the added bonus of allowing a singular vision to be told. Also they don't cost hundreds of millions of dollars. During my art studies I started designing characters and creating a bleak hostile world that they inhabited. The project became a labor of love as I started injecting my own personal experiences and childhood fears into the story. At the same time it's also a love letter to some of my favorite movies like Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead. My comic, Morbid Sheep, is an anthology series featuring re-occurring characters, some continuing plot lines, as well as some random silly stories.


Tim Roberts

Tim is a third-year art student and qualified steel worker from Brisbane in Queensland. Self-publishing his comics via the university printer, Tim is interested in the effects that advancing technology in having psychologically and sociologically on the current culture. Dealing with themes of isolation, anxiety and the effects of overwhelming targeted media, Tim’s stories use sci-fi elements and humour to investigate these bigger themes. Also, he has big stupid hair.



Freelance animation bad boy.

Tricia Spafford, Creative Pigs

A young woman with a head full of stories and not enough space to tell them. Tricia currently draws cute pigs doing ridiculous things, but in her spare time plans horror and mystery comics, additional piggy antics, writes fantasty, horror and romance (sometimes in the same story!) and bakes cookies. She wants to tell all her stories to the world, and doesn’t care whether or not the world likes them - they need to be told!

White Cat Press

Dale Maccanti is the publisher and editor of Australian comic company, White Cat Press. He's successfully run two crowdfunding campaigns for After the Snow and Ink Tales. Dale is currently a freelance writer for Frew's The Phantom.

confirmed for 2019!


Yuki is French and Japanese, now based in Melbourne. She explores various influences, from manga to academic drawing, to create illustrations. Passionate about the Melbourne coffee scene, her latest zine covers the inner South.


confirmed for 2019!

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