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Richard Moore

Richard Moore is a music writer, cartoonist, queer and general obsessive from Perth, now based in Melbourne. His heavy monochrome character style pairs with a dry sense of humour and eye for detail in comics about bands and music lovers.

confirmed for 2019!

Ridge Lowis

A half demon pretty boy, A zombie and a chick who should probably be dead. Neon Angel is a first of it's kinda horror shonen set in Australia, An angelic apocalypse has left humanity in ruins, this is the aftermath. God's children are angry, dead people are awkward. Ridge Lowis is an indie comic artist/illustrator, vintage animation and film buff. Just freshly moved to Victoria!

confirmed for 2019!


Ruben Camilleri

Hello! I am Ruben Camilleri and I am an eleven year old comic artist. I independently write, illustrate and publish my own comic books. (Dad helps with the printing, though).

confirmed for 2019!

Sarah Ireland

Born and raised in Perth, WA, Sarah is an illustrator and comics enthusiast now living and creating in Melbourne. Her passions include 80’s movie monsters, The X Files, old Nokia phones, and 3D printing. These may or may not feature regularly in her works.

confirmed for 2019!

S.C.A.R., Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr

The bizarre works of Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr (S.C.A.R.) range from sci-fi horror fantasy to surrealism & weird satire. They create prose fiction, art, comicbooks, screenplays & even music. Recent graphic novels include a collection of fantastic beasts titled Bestiary of Monstruum, the strange anthology Weird Worlds, & Australia’s most controversial comicbook Phantastique – Tales of Taboo Terror. Plus many more. In 2018 their steampunk western novel, Weird Wild West 1 & 2, was published by Bizarro Pulp Press, USA and part three in 2019. Their surreal comic & puzzle book Mister Idealize Leaves the Building is being published in full colour by Shooting Star Press & suitable for all ages.

confirmed for 2019!

Scott Reid

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist from Footscray. I began self publishing short form comics in 2013, most notably my I'm Pretty Sure I'm Dying series of "sorto-bio" surrealist mini-comics. Using auto-bio as a jumping off point, the series treats melodramatic metaphor and story tropes as literal manifestations, break ups open up hell dimensions, words become bullets and characters get saved by plot armour. I firmly believe everyone should have a go at making comics, and the low barrier of entry is one of the mediums biggest strength. With only a pencil and paper you can put any type of story into the world, which is incredibly exciting. When not making comics, I pay the bills designing models for the Tabletop Gaming industry and wrangling my asshole cat.

Shelley Bassett

Hi! I'm new to the comic scene, and loving it so far. I started in digital design and worked in marketing before striking out to start my own small business.

confirmed for 2019!

Simon Wright

I enjoy creating stories and comics. My passion is telling stories and delivering a professional final product. I've released a graphic novel through Caliber Comics as an artist with writer Matt Nicholls called Divine Comedy.

confirmed for 2019!

Sorab Kaikobad

Growing up reading superhero comics, Sorab became enormously influenced by their stories and characters. Sitting for hours on end in awe of the grandeur and completely bonkers worlds held within their glossy pages, it was only inevitable that inspiration would strike. Sorab learned to draw by copying his favourite panels and covers and has spent his whole life honing his skills as a penciler, inker, colourist and writer in preparation for the creation of his original superhero comic, PRIME, a character almost 10 years in the making.


confirmed for 2019!

Stella Marlis

I am currently studying design and engineering in Melbourne, Australia. I draw the comic invisiBIlity, which you can find on my twitter page. It is both serious and humourous at times, and focusses on my experiences as a bisexual woman. I also do a variety of other art and illustration!

Stuart Black

I am procrastination personified. I drew my first comic during class back in 1996, and kept those characters and storylines going right up until 2012 in A4 format for a dwindling number of friends to read. Fear of failure, rejection, and the usual kit and kaboodle prevented me from pushing my work into the actual printing phase for years. I finally got my butt into gear, conquered those nagging demons, and released my first published book, The 4Horsefemmes, in 2013. 12 issues later, a spin-off, and 3 side-projects currently in the pipeline, I'm probably the busiest lazy person you've never met.


confirmed for 2019!

Tatiana Davidson

I like making stories about nightmarish situations dropping into the lives of everyday people. I love horror that gives you a sick kind of glee when you're reading it and I try my best to do that with my comics. My newest horror A Visit From Midnight Mummy is the story of a young optimistic boy living in a remote house who meets a friendly visitor from the nearby woods. Black Fish, Coney's Best Cuts and my other shorts are collected in our horror anthologies Unfellow and Cracks in the Walls, along with work by Dom Proust and Ryan Hopwood.


confirmed for 2019!

Thom Nguyen

Thom is a Vietnamese-Australian comic artist, illustrator and zinester in Melbourne. She's really into risography.


confirmed for 2019!

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