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I’m super passionate about art and comics. I do it at school right now and am looking forward to doing it in uni! I’m 16 and just starting to sell my artwork.


confirmed for 2019!

Khale McHurst

I've been making autobiographical comics for 8 years. I have several hundred pages of free comics on my comics blog, - that's where you can find my long-form comic projects I do not have an eating disorder and Polyamory isn't for everyone. This year I started printing minicomics featuring my array of short comic stories - these range in topics from mental illness, growing up queer in a religious household, to cute gag comics about my girlfriend. Nothing makes me happier than making comics about my life and sharing them with people. Although I initially started writing comics as a form of art therapy when I was recovering from an eating disorder, now I make them constantly - about everything - and I get more and more excited with each new story I script.

Laura Thiele

Laura, also known as laurieexplorie, is a third year student at RMIT's Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media). She loves girls, the colour pink, cats and hats!.


confirmed for 2019!

Maeve Baker

I'm a storyteller who uses comics, illustration and animation. My work is colourful, honest and usually focuses around the female experience. I've tabled at Festival of the Photocopier, Homecooked and ZICS. I have self published 9 comics and am working on a tenth for the end of the year.

confirmed for 2019!

Mark Jasper

I am a lifelong fan of drawing, comic books and the power of story. Having reconnected with drawing several years ago as a means of finding a more tranquil headspace, I finally decided to channel my efforts into writing, drawing and colouring my first comic book, She Is Fierce.

confirmed for 2019!

Matt Kyme

Matt Kyme is a prolific Melbourne based comic book writer/artist best known for creating That Bulletproof Kid, The Demon, and The Wrath Of The Cursed. Matt has contributed writing and/or art to Bronwyn, Bullet Gal, Carmen, Cool Kids Punch Nazis, Deathship Jenny, Decay, The Flame: Re-Blazed, From Above, Gaining Velocity - Darker Forces, Gourmand Go, In Purgatory, Melbourne Comics Quarterly, Metcop Wonderland, Peter Pumpkinhead, Retro Sci-Fi, Tangos with Oranagos, Tales To Admonish, The Talking Bread and The Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat.


confirmed for 2019!

Matt Nicholls, Boy In A Box Productions

Boy In A Box Productions is a Melbourne based publisher of independent works since 2011. We have published such titles as Collateral, Don't Shut The Door, Aracnakid, Mary's Story, and many more. In 2016 we created Indie Comics Previews, a free online hub for readers, stores, and creators alike, with well over 200 independent comic titles listed, and growing continually. Each listing contains the covers, a blurb about the book, and contact details of the creators.

Metcop Wonderland, Katie Marx & Mel Rowsell

Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell have both always really fancied the idea of making a comic. Katie had frothy dreams of becoming a comic book creator, but the drawing skills of a lobster. Mel had the drawing talent, but had been living a life woefully short of public transport related conspiracy theories. It wasn’t until they joined forces that they were able to create their debut work. Aided by an anonymous source at PTV who insists on referring to himself as The Albatross, Katie and Mel have laboured over several years to develop Metcop Wonderland, Melbourne’s only comic about ticket inspectors. Both Katie and Mel swear black and blue that the comic is a work of non-fiction, and that Melbourne is in grave danger from a being known only as The Demontrain.

Mike Speakman

Hi, I'm Mike. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy art and have done ever since childhood, so I decided to pursue writing. I have had previous comic work published internationally (Carmen, via Source Point Press) and I am a former music journalist for Australian music magazine, Hysteria. Space Copz, my latest release, is an all-ages science-fiction comic series. I'm having a lot of fun with it!

N.S. Kane

Hi, I'm N.S Kane, comic writer and letterer. I have been currently writing for almost 3 years now after moving from novella-styled writing to comic scripts, as I found that they really suited my artist style more. I have a background in Fine Arts but I'm not that great at drawing though I do have a great eye for laying out comics and bringing characters to life. Since then, I have been attending conventions and selling my books, working on both creator-owned and client based comics. I have 10 tiles published and more on the way.


I'm a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne. I have been making small print comics for years about thefts from the NGV to love stories between burgers and pizzas. I also started a online comic a year ago called Drakebow Detective Agency about a dwarf and a elf running a detective agency in modern fantasy world.

Paul Bedford, The List

A dark, twisted, morass of corruption passing itself off as human - is most well-known for writing a dark, twisted, morass of corruption entitled The List* (which, for a blissful 3 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds stole the number one spot for horror graphic novels on Amazon from The Walking Dead) and its sequel, The List 2. If you're a fan of unflinching psych horror, The List may be for you, you sicko.


Pierre Lloga

I am the writer/illustrator of Excitement City, a three part series of graphic novels about a dysfunctional trio of friends on a mission to capture a psychotic ex wrestler. I've done a bunch of short comics over the years but this is my first long-haul comics making experience; and with two hundred or so pages inked thus far I'm still having lots of fun with it. The first instalment was launched at Indie Comic Con 2017. I live in Melbourne's North with my girlfriend, two dogs and a cat. I've spent several years working as an illustrator as well as exhibiting and doing street art. When I'm not drawing I enjoy watching action movies, especially ones made in Hong Kong between the 1970's and mid 90's.


Andrew Pilkington is Melbourne-based cartoonist, PILKO. Andrew is currently self-publishing his own comic book series, MOLE, an anthology featuring naked mole rats, how-to guides, and dangerous lips.

confirmed for 2019!

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