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Frank Candiloro is a comic illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, having self-published over 20 comics under my publishing label of FrankenComics. Although these comics take influence from classic genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns among others, they have an autobiographical emphasis in that they incorporate elements of their own life; these themes include body dysphoria, identity, gender and relating these themes through the more fantastical aspects of genre fiction. These comics have also been nominated for several awards, and one of them, Monster Zero, won the Bronze Ledger Award in 2015. Frank currently resides in Melbourne.

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Fortifeye is an illustrator, animator and writer based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a nostalgia for the plastic, tacky aesthetic of the early 2000s and a passion for creating colourful digital illustrations. Fortifeye's short comics, zines, and illustrations range from autobiographical looks at trauma and adolescence, recreations of morbid medieval texts, and crafting slice of life landscapes that explore mundane suburbia in a fantastical way.


Furiousteapot is a queer artist with a body of work that focuses on slice of life narratives, and the moments in-between.


Hydro Girl, Sarah Renehan & John Renehan

Sarah, co-writer and colourist for The Adventures of Hydro Girl, was born with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and had her first brain surgery at just 4 weeks old. In 2011 she founded The Brain Drain Project, a website that provides support and raises funds for those suffering with hydrocephalus. Through talking to many people on the website it was made clear that a lot of people with the condition, young and older, had been victim to bullying because of suffering from hydrocephalus. This inspired Sarah, along with her brother John, to create Hydro Girl. As a symbol of hope and inspiration to those with the condition. Illustrator and author John Renehan began his artistic journey at the tender age of just 12. His imagination and love of fantasy worlds led him to pursue the arts. He has been published worldwide for his cartography works.

Invisible Ink Studio

Invisible Ink Studio is the business end of Daniel A. Becker, who has been producing self published comics and art for the last 8 years. When not feverishly working on his own title, Master & Apprentice, he is either doing comic art prints, commissions, or commercial and business design. He is now steadily working on two new titles with other writers, the most recent being Tinsuits by D.A. Hogg, and a historical fiction graphic novel about the death of Socrates in the works.

Issey Fujishima

I’m Fuji, creator of The Reign of God, an epic graphic novel about Christian origins that I self-published in 2017. Spending five years of my life to get this ambitious series off the ground is surely the worst way to start a career as a comic artist, but that’s what I did, and I learned a lot from it. I love stories that immerse you in foreign worlds and complex characters who strive for meaning and connection. My artwork blends together influences from Japanese and Western culture, which reflects my Japanese-German background. I’m still learning the craft of visual storytelling, and other local creators in Australia are inspiring me to expand my creative skills.


My name is Jack. I'm 16 and have been drawing comics ever since I can remember. I love Gothic horror, as it inspires my work. I'm also a crazy cat man.


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Jar O' Dragon

Jennifer is a Melbourne-based illustrator, comic artist and animator. She uses visual storytelling to create strong narratives, from light-hearted humorous adventures, to ambiguous, eerie plots with complex characters. Jennifer’s recent works include Snap and ongoing short story Katabatic, an adventure across the clouds, currently nearing completion.

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Jess Dubblu

Jess Dubblu is mostly known for making fun of her boyfriend on the internet. She is a very sarcastic person, who is thankful that comics exist so she can publicly and appropriately be as mean as possible with little to no consequences.

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Jess Gleeson

Jess is a self-taught comic creator who as a nine year old read a Babymouse graphic novel and immediately knew they wanted to make their own. Jess loves to make fun-filled comics that capture the joy they felt when they read that first graphic novel.

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Jess Kitty Parker

Jess Kitty Parker is a comic book maker and illustrator and has contributed to the Ledger award winning anthology Squishzine Brunstown, worked with The Nib, the ABC, Smith Journal, The Suburban Review and the City of Melbourne. You can see more of her work on Instagram.


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John Lawry

I'm a visual artist with many years of experience. I have had twenty plus exhibitions of paintings. Over the last few years I have been producing graphic novels. I published the first, Dark Portal in 2017. Sun On The Forest is my 5th book.

confirmed for 2019!

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