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Cristian Roux

Cristian Roux is a comics creator and illustrator based in regional Victoria. Cristian was artist on the Dragonblade chapter of The SuperAustralians, an anthology of superhero stories set in Australia with 23 other contributing artists and writers. His personal project currently in progress is an historical comic about John Christie, a Melbourne based police detective working in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Cristian cut his teeth in comics, writing and illustrating the series Falling Star, a revisionist superhero mythology set in an alternate future Australia - the stories drawing inspiration from current events, social attitudes and the Melbourne city-scape.

confirmed for 2019!

Dan Hicks

Dan hicks. 34 year old husband of one and father of three. This is my first time on the creator side of the table. Come and say hi.

confirmed for 2019!

Dan Watts

My name is Dan Watts and I’m a freelance artist based on the Gold Coast. I love storytelling in all its forms, and the process of creating sequential comic book art. I’ve written and illustrated Bipp and Trax Intergalatic Real Estate and am currently working on the next edition, as well as new titles. As a kid I was constantly creating characters that emerged from my active imagination, building worlds around them, and continue to do this today. I enjoy collaboration and find working with writers and creators to bring their stories to life very rewarding. I’ve contributed to independent creators’ comics and anthologies over the last few years. When I’m not drawing I enjoy listening to music, playing drums, and reading comics.


Daniel Reed

Daniel Reed is a Melbourne based comic creator whose first title The Crumpleton Experiments gained an enthusiastic cult audience throughout the noughties. Running over nine issues, it followed Professor Crumpleton and his exuberant assistant Wendy Brown through a series of surreal and nightmarish Victorian era adventures. Daniel’s follow up graphic novel Grubby little Smudges of Filth was published by Slave Labor Graphics and received excellent international reviews. A prisoner creates a magnificent work of art on his cell door using snot, mud and whatever is at hand. What follows is a journey across a fantastic land, resulting in an audience with the cruel and decadent King Rammalamma-Funbar… In 2014 Daniel collaborated with the great Australian fantasy author Isobelle Carmody. Together they produced the post-apocalyptic epic Evermore. A mad king, a princess locked in a tower and the mute half-man Enzo abide in a ramshackle city surrounded by a toxic and dangerous waste land. Currently Daniel is illustrating the American crime thriller The Boar. Set in the deep south, drug syndicates, corruption, racial tensions and murder act as a back-drop to an intriguing criminal investigation.

confirmed for 2018!

Darren Close, OZCOMICS

I got into drawing comics way back in the early 90s, under the mentorship of Damien Shanahan who was publishing Anthology and Pizza Man at the time. Heavily influenced by the formation of Image Comics, it was all about superheroes and aliens with my debut comic Eclipse - a hand-made 16-page photocopied mini-comic with a print run of 100 copies. There's still a couple of them floating around out there! 25 years and a dozen or so Killeroo comics later, and I still love the feeling of opening a fresh box of newly printed comic books, and packing them up for stores and mail orders. I love the collaborative process of comics, and most recently I've been putting together the Killeroo: Gangwars mini-series, a long gestating project that involves over 20 writers and artists from all across Australia.

confirmed for 2019!

Darren Koziol, DARK OZ

Darren Koziol is the editor, publisher & producer of DARK OZ comics – an independent Australian publisher, producing unique high quality comic book anthologies, featuring the biggest and best showcase of Australian writers and artists! Over 100 Australian artists featured, over 150 creators in total. Darren now writes most of the stories in the comics, as well as handling the lettering and design work.

Dr. Mike 2000

Mike Cooper is doctor of physics, games programmer and designer, and teacher by day. At night he turns into Dr Mike 2000, creator of psychedelic superhero sci-fi, such as his recently finished 12 issue comic series Universe Gun.

confirmed for 2019!

Dragon Laska

Dragon Laska is a fantasy webcomic created by Meroaw and Batwing Tensei. It follows the story of a young group of magic users as fate connects them with their dragon companions, and takes them on a journey to fulfil an ancient prophecy.

confirmed for 2019!

Eli Abidin, Son of Man

I love the art of storytelling. Comic books have always stimulated my imagination through the use of pictures and words, and when I turned 30 I decided I was going to make one myself. All I needed was an artist, because even my stick figures lacked uniformity. I met an artist, Benjamin Davies , while I was working at the Aldi Distribution Centre. Benjamin was a tattoo artist at the time and during the 28 hours I spent under the tattoo needle we hatched a plan for our story: Son of Man.

confirmed for 2019!

Emily N3ver

Emily N3ver is a Melbourne based zine maker and illustrator. She has been self publishing zines for the last 18 years both locally and internationally. Her focus is slick ink illustrations of everything Gothic and spooky.


confirmed for 2019!

Espiral Comics

I am a Chilean comic-artist and animator. I've been living in Sydney for the last 3 years. In Chile, I created an art collective, Espiral Comics, with some friends and we are constantly producing comics in all stages, from the first idea to the final zine printed version.

confirmed for 2019!

Fallen Idols

I've been making comic books since 2nd grade. Had a natural talent for both storytelling and drawing. Always planned to publish stories after keeping a stable job. For many years tried to get into graphic design with little success. And eventually decided if no one would want me in their business, I would go into business by myself and started working on the first self published fantasy comic series Fallen Idols after 2 years in the making the first issue was published early this year. And now the second issue is less than 10 pages away from completion.


confirmed for 2019!

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