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Stella Marlis

I am currently studying design and engineering in Melbourne, Australia. I draw the comic invisiBIlity, which you can find on my twitter page. It is both serious and humourous at times, and focusses on my experiences as a bisexual woman. I also do a variety of other art and illustration!

Instagram: @wintersunart

Khale McHurst

I've been making autobiographical comics for 8 years. I have several hundred pages of free comics on my comics blog, - that's where you can find my long-form comic projects I do not have an eating disorder and Polyamory isn't for everyone. This year I started printing minicomics featuring my array of short comic stories - these range in topics from mental illness, growing up queer in a religious household, to cute gag comics about my girlfriend. Nothing makes me happier than making comics about my life and sharing them with people. Although I initially started writing comics as a form of art therapy when I was recovering from an eating disorder, now I make them constantly - about everything - and I get more and more excited with each new story I script.

Instagram: @khalemchurst
Twitter: @khalemchurst

Chris McQuinlan

Chris is a comic book artist from the south east suburbs of Melbourne. He has worked on multiple books including How to Make A Friend, Nevermorrow, Killeroo, Bad Robot, Thee 100's Comic Anthology and more. He is currently illustrating the ongoing comic series Monkey Junk written by Leigh Piper, which will see it's con debut at Indie Comic Con! Chris currently works full time as a Graphic Designer, whilst being a dedicated father and husband, and squeezing in time for his own comic work in-between, hoping to one day make comics/illustration his full time job.

YouTube: chrismcquinlanart
Facebook: @ChrisMcquinlanArt
Instagram: @chrismcquinlanart

Metcop Wonderland, Katie Marx & Mel Rowsell

Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell have both always really fancied the idea of making a comic. Katie had frothy dreams of becoming a comic book creator, but the drawing skills of a lobster. Mel had the drawing talent, but had been living a life woefully short of public transport related conspiracy theories. It wasn’t until they joined forces that they were able to create their debut work. Aided by an anonymous source at PTV who insists on referring to himself as The Albatross, Katie and Mel have laboured over several years to develop Metcop Wonderland, Melbourne’s only comic about ticket inspectors. Both Katie and Mel swear black and blue that the comic is a work of non-fiction, and that Melbourne is in grave danger from a being known only as The Demontrain.

Instagram: @metcopwonderland
Facebook: @metcopwonderland

Mr. Splitfoot

I like making stories about nightmarish situations dropping into the lives of everyday people. I love that sick glee you get out of a good scare and try my best to get that feeling across in my comics. Black Fish, Coney's Best Cuts and my other shorts are collected in our horror anthologies Unfellow and Cracks in the Walls, along with work by Dom Proust and Ryan Hopwood.

Instagram: @mistersplitfoot

Claire Murray

I am the classic "since I could first hold a pencil, I have been drawing" kid. Though drawing had always been a hobby of mine, I only began 'properly' drawing comics after I finished my degree in Animation and Interactive Media. I work predominantly digitally, but occasionally dip my toes into the traditional, ever trying to see if I'm missing out on something. I was one of the recipients of a Squishface Micro-Grant, which helped to fund the publishing of my first mini-comic and a table at the Homecooked Festival in 2015. Since then I have started a little comic series called 'Living With It', which follows the day to day life of a young woman managing her diabetes and her duties as a superhero. With each issue, so far, I have also tried a different technique in creating the comic.

Instagram: @cmurraygraphics
Twitter: @cmurraygraphics


I'm a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne. I have been making small print comics for years about thefts from the NGV to love stories between burgers and pizzas. I also started a online comic a year ago called Drakebow Detective Agency about a dwarf and a elf running a detective agency in modern fantasy world.

Instagram: @newtegan
Tapas: newtegan

Thom Nguyen

Thom Nguyen is debuting Afloat, her slice of life comic about swimming, at Indie Comic Con! She has recently gotten very interested in risograph printing and you may have seen her work at Festival of the Photocopier earlier this year. You can also see her work on the windows at Sticky Institute in December. She is currently working on a short comic about friendship in space.

Instagram: @bakathom
Twitter: @thomdoodles

Matt Nicholls, Boy In A Box Productions

Boy In A Box Productions is a Melbourne based publisher of independent works since 2011. We have published such titles as Collateral, Don't Shut The Door, Aracnakid, Mary's Story, and many more. In 2016 we created Indie Comics Previews, a free online hub for readers, stores, and creators alike, with well over 200 independent comic titles listed, and growing continually. Each listing contains the covers, a blurb about the book, and contact details of the creators.

Instagram: @boyinaboxproductions
Facebook: @BIAB
Twitter: @BIABProductions

Pretty Fly For A Shy Guy

Having read webcomics since I first touched the internet, it was only a matter of time before I made my own. I created my own finished short comic in 2017 when I participated in a group event for 24 Hour Comic Day: it kicked me into gear and since I've been working on short and long scripts for a variety of personal projects and stories that I want to publish online. I have also recently finished illustrating a comic that a friend of mine has written, titled Stardust Traveler, which we intend to publish online later 2018.

Instagram: @prettyflyshyguy
Twitter: @PrettyShyFlyGuy

Daniel Reed

Daniel Reed is a Melbourne based comic creator whose first title The Crumpleton Experiments gained an enthusiastic cult audience throughout the noughties. Running over nine issues, it followed Professor Crumpleton and his exuberant assistant Wendy Brown through a series of surreal and nightmarish Victorian era adventures. Daniel’s follow up graphic novel Grubby little Smudges of Filth was published by Slave Labor Graphics and received excellent international reviews. A prisoner creates a magnificent work of art on his cell door using snot, mud and whatever is at hand. What follows is a journey across a fantastic land, resulting in an audience with the cruel and decadent King Rammalamma-Funbar… In 2014 Daniel collaborated with the great Australian fantasy author Isobelle Carmody. Together they produced the post-apocalyptic epic Evermore. A mad king, a princess locked in a tower and the mute half-man Enzo abide in a ramshackle city surrounded by a toxic and dangerous waste land. Currently Daniel is illustrating the American crime thriller The Boar. Set in the deep south, drug syndicates, corruption, racial tensions and murder act as a back-drop to an intriguing criminal investigation.

Instagram: @dan_nautilus
Facebook: @GrubbyLittleSmudgesOfFilth

Scott Reid

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist from Footscray. I began self publishing short form comics in 2013, most notably my I'm Pretty Sure I'm Dying series of "sorto-bio" surrealist mini-comics. Using auto-bio as a jumping off point, the series treats melodramatic metaphor and story tropes as literal manifestations, break ups open up hell dimensions, words become bullets and characters get saved by plot armour. I firmly believe everyone should have a go at making comics, and the low barrier of entry is one of the mediums biggest strength. With only a pencil and paper you can put any type of story into the world, which is incredibly exciting. When not making comics, I pay the bills designing models for the Tabletop Gaming industry and wrangling my asshole cat.

Instagram: @cutintotheearth

Tim Roberts

Tim is a third-year art student and qualified steel worker from Brisbane in Queensland. Self-publishing his comics via the university printer, Tim is interested in the effects that advancing technology in having psychologically and sociologically on the current culture. Dealing with themes of isolation, anxiety and the effects of overwhelming targeted media, Tim’s stories use sci-fi elements and humour to investigate these bigger themes. Also, he has big stupid hair.

Instagram: @ThatGuyTimRoberts

Cristian Roux

I am a comic artist and writer based in regional Victoria. I am working on an historical comic about John Christie, a Melbourne based police detective working in the latter half of the nineteenth century. I have been exploring Australia’s golden age of comics in a series of illustrations re-imagining the characters that populated the newsagency racks in the 50’s and 60's. I cut my teeth writing and illustrating the series Falling Star, a science fiction mythology set against the backdrop of a Melbourne city-scape. I have a number of exciting secret collaborative projects quietly percolating away that will come to light over the next twelve months.


S.C.A.R., Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr

The strange & bizarre works of Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr (S.C.A.R.) range from sci-fi horror fantasy to surrealism & weird satire. They create in many mediums: prose fiction, illustration, comic books, screenplays & even music. Recent graphic novels include: a collection of fantastic beasts & monsters titled Bestiary of Monstruum, the strange anthology Weird Worlds – Subversive Science Fiction Stories, & Australia’s most controversial comicbook resurrected in the graphic novel Phantastique – Tales of Taboo Terror. Plus many more. A collaboration with Ethan Somerville saw the creation of their steampunk western novel, Weird Wild West published 2018 by Bizarro Pulp Press, USA.

Facebook: @S.C.A.R.
Instagram: @scarstudios
Redbubble: Scar Studios

Mike Speakman

Hi, I'm Mike. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy art and have done ever since childhood, so I decided to pursue writing. I have had previous comic work published internationally (Carmen, via Source Point Press) and I am a former music journalist for Australian music magazine, Hysteria. Space Copz, my latest release, is an all-ages science-fiction comic series. I'm having a lot of fun with it!

Instagram: @spacecopz
Facebook: @spacecopz
Twitter: @spacecopz

Tricia Spafford, Creative Pigs

A young woman with a head full of stories and not enough space to tell them. Tricia currently draws cute pigs doing ridiculous things, but in her spare time plans horror and mystery comics, additional piggy antics, writes fantasty, horror and romance (sometimes in the same story!) and bakes cookies. She wants to tell all her stories to the world, and doesn’t care whether or not the world likes them - they need to be told!

Angie Spice

I love story telling and have been creating stories in my head for as long as I can remember. This compels me to draw, where I can bring my characters to life and explore the settings. Originally Courier was a bet. I would create a comic book and self publish it from concept to print within a month's deadline. I learned all the process as I went. It's the most exciting plunge I've ever taken. After all, I was tired of waiting to be handed an opportunity and I decided it was time to make way for myself. Especially, because I wanted my stories to be heard. I want to tell the stories I searched for growing up, and I realised It's up to me to deliver. In 2016 I won the Australian 24-hour comic book challenge with Galah Girl and have also produced an autobiographical zine Angie in Have You seen La La Land The response for the Courier series has been overwhelmingly fantastic, infectious and truly fulfilling.

Patreon: Angie Spice
Instagram: @angiespiceart
Facebook: @angiespiceart

Thomas Tung

Originally I considered myself a writer, until one day I realized that no one was going to draw my stories. I became serious about improving my art to be able to be both writer and artist while still at university. After a false start on my first comic, my second was Shrine of the Ninja Vampire which I handed out to people for free. In 2013 a computer error occured while I was backing up. This resulted in losing all my comic files (writing and artwork) and I was forced to start from scratch. In my depression, I started posting mini cartoons on Facebook, by taking pictures of them with my camera phone. I thought I would do it for a few days to help myself cope, but today my autobiographical Mini Tom web comic is over 1000 daily cartoons and counting. I continue to release comics every year, and also enjoy helping other creators.

Instagram: @tom_tung
Facebook: @xscriptfiction


Freelance animation bad boy.

Instagram: @timstaana

Dan Watts

My name is Dan Watts and I’m a freelance artist based on the Gold Coast. I love storytelling in all its forms, and the process of creating sequential comic book art. I’ve written and illustrated Bipp and Trax Intergalatic Real Estate and am currently working on the next edition, as well as new titles. As a kid I was constantly creating characters that emerged from my active imagination, building worlds around them, and continue to do this today. I enjoy collaboration and find working with writers and creators to bring their stories to life very rewarding. I’ve contributed to independent creators’ comics and anthologies over the last few years. When I’m not drawing I enjoy listening to music, playing drums, and reading comics.

Instagram: @danwattsillustration
Facebook: @danwattsillustration

White Cat Press

Dale Maccanti is the publisher and editor of Australian comic company, White Cat Press. He's successfully run two crowdfunding campaigns for After the Snow and Ink Tales. Dale is currently a freelance writer for Frew's The Phantom.


Simon Wright

I enjoy creating stories and comics. My passion is telling stories and delivering a professional final product. I've released a graphic novel through Caliber Comics as an artist with writer Matt Nicholls called Divine Comedy.

Facebook: @simonwrightillustration

Tiffany Yue

Just a person who wants to spread the word bout dyin’ good and having a lil slice of life

Instagram: @tiff._.yue


Yuki is French and Japanese, now based in Melbourne. She explores various influences, from manga to academic drawing, to create illustrations. Passionate about the Melbourne coffee scene, her latest zine covers the inner South.

Instagram: @my_head_is_an_island