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Eli Abidin, Son of Man

I love the art of storytelling. Comic books have always stimulated my imagination through the use of pictures and words, and when I turned 30 I decided I was going to make one myself. All I needed was an artist, because even my stick figures lacked uniformity. I met an artist, Benjamin Davies , while I was working at the Aldi Distribution Centre. Benjamin was a tattoo artist at the time and during the 28 hours I spent under the tattoo needle we hatched a plan for our story: Son of Man.

Facebook: @sonofmancomicbook

confirmed for 2018!

Aon & Marion

Aon is a moody writer. Marion is an egomaniacal visual artist. Together they have teamed up to write a comic, because all their other ventures have failed. But at least they've got each other! This is a darkly humorous comic about anger, revenge, friendship, and chasing dreams in Footscray, Australia.

Instagram: @aonandmarion
Facebook: @aonandmarion

confirmed for 2018!

Paul Bedford, The List

A dark, twisted, morass of corruption passing itself off as human - is most well-known for writing a dark, twisted, morass of corruption entitled The List* (which, for a blissful 3 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds stole the number one spot for horror graphic novels on Amazon from The Walking Dead) and its sequel, The List 2. If you're a fan of unflinching psych horror, The List may be for you, you sicko.

Twitter: @thelistcomic
Instagram: @thelistgraphicnovel
Facebook: @thelistgraphicnovel

confirmed for 2018!

Stuart Black

I am procrastination personified. I drew my first comic during class back in 1996, and kept those characters and storylines going right up until 2012 in A4 format for a dwindling number of friends to read. Fear of failure, rejection, and the usual kit and kaboodle prevented me from pushing my work into the actual printing phase for years. I finally got my butt into gear, conquered those nagging demons, and released my first published book, The 4Horsefemmes, in 2013. 12 issues later, a spin-off, and 3 side-projects currently in the pipeline, I'm probably the busiest lazy person you've never met.

Website: ownanindi/stuartblack
Instagram: @4horsefemmes
Facebook: @The4H

confirmed for 2018!

Tim Burden

My name is Tim and I'm a visual artist and writer located in Sydney. I've been drawing since I can remember, mainly a lot of monsters and macabre violent scenes to the concern of my parents. I've always had it in my head that I was going to make a comic, there was no real moment that inspired this, it was just a given. For me comics are like proto-movies, they're able to tell a visual story but have the added bonus of allowing a singular vision to be told. Also they don't cost hundreds of millions of dollars. During my art studies I started designing characters and creating a bleak hostile world that they inhabited. The project became a labor of love as I started injecting my own personal experiences and childhood fears into the story. At the same time it's also a love letter to some of my favorite movies like Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead. My comic, Morbid Sheep, is an anthology series featuring re-occurring characters, some continuing plot lines, as well as some random silly stories.

Facebook: @morbidsheep

Ruben Camilleri

Hello! I am Ruben Camilleri and I am an eleven year old comic artist. I independently write, illustrate and publish my own comic books. (Dad helps with the printing, though).

confirmed for 2018!

Angela Chen

My name is Angela, also know as Duckhymn on Tumblr and all other places. I am a Melbourne based freelance illustrator and comic artist. Drawing has been my biggest passion since young and will always be scribbling away at every opportunity. My current work includes Sophia and Frederick, first published in June 2015 and Animal Court, first published in June 2017.

Tapas: duckhymn
Instagram: @duckhymn

confirmed for 2018!

Alex E Clark

I write/draw comics about ladies, cats and body horror. I think the best compliments are the ones when someone reads a few pages, drops the comic and walks away wiping their hands on their jacket. Or when someone emails to describe a dream about their tongue turning to vines and suffocating. Like, I keep it pretty cute, but I love Junji Ito and Becky Cloonan and I hope some of that comes through. I love the good fairytales where grisly misfortune is met with grisly retaliation. I coordinate an annual comic/zine launch called Hallozeen and it's exchiting to see what people make each year.

Instagram: @lexlotl
Twitter: @lexielizzie

Darren Close

I got into drawing comics way back in the early 90s, under the mentorship of Damien Shanahan who was publishing Anthology and Pizza Man at the time. Heavily influenced by the formation of Image Comics, it was all about superheroes and aliens with my debut comic Eclipse - a hand-made 16-page photocopied mini-comic with a print run of 100 copies. There's still a couple of them floating around out there! 25 years and a dozen or so Killeroo comics later, and I still love the feeling of opening a fresh box of newly printed comic books, and packing them up for stores and mail orders. I love the collaborative process of comics, and most recently I've been putting together the Killeroo: Gangwars mini-series, a long gestating project that involves over 20 writers and artists from all across Australia.

Patreon: Darren Close
Instagram: @killeroo_
Facebook: @killeroo

confirmed for 2018!

Crease Marks

I'm currently a full time animator at Studio Moshi (Richmond) working on a children's TV series. I like to do comics on my own time. This year is actually the first time I've printed and sold stuff, debuting at Festival of the Photocopier then going on to sell at Homecooked. I'll be exhibiting The Hollow Axolotl which is a slice of life about a haunted mascot costume and Cryptid Handbook a zine about cryptids from around the world. I'm also thinking of making an auto bio comic about being a hikkikomori. (shut-in) My comics are mostly humorous and abstract with an unabashedly anime influence. They usually indirectly reflect on me as I fumble my way through adult life.

Instagram: @Creasemarks

confirmed for 2018!

Crispy Cola Studio

I'm Nathan Onias, an illustrator and graphic designer living in Melbourne, originally from the U.S. My first published comic book, Commander Canine, is a superhero, cop-buddy comedy about a dog-man and his reluctant police partner, Rosa. I'm also a comics educator having taught at Workshop Melbourne and an ongoing role at Box Hill Community Arts Centre. I enjoy meeting others interested in comics so please say hello sometime! Currently, I'm collaborating on an action/martial arts comic to be released late 2018. You can check out more of my work on my website.

Patreon: Crispy Cola Studio
Instagram: @crispycola
Facebook: @crispyco

confirmed for 2018!

Dr. Mike 2000

I've been reading comics for over 40 years, and started making my own just after 5 years ago. I'd had some cult success with narrative-driven superhero game mods in the past, and wanted to turn to my favourite medium. I love comics because you can tell epic stories cheaply, without too many stakeholders diluting the personal vision of the creative team. I started big with Universe Gun, a psychedelic superhero/sci-fi series projected to run 12 issues. It's gone from webcomic to printed single issues, and is now being released as trade paperbacks. It's big, positive and colorful, like the Fifth Element, Yellow Submarine and X-Men put through a blender. Smart, strange, sexy, silly psychedelic superhero scifi. I've created four 24 Hour Comics as well, each a self contained scifi/romance story. I've also had short strips published in Indie Comics Quarterly, Retro Scifi Tales, and NSEW.

Instagram: @dr_mike_2000
Facebook: @DrMike2000
Twitter: @Dr_Mike_2000

Dragon Laska

Dragon Laska is a fantasy webcomic created by Meroaw and Batwing Tensei. It follows the story of a young group of magic users as fate connects them with their dragon companions, and takes them on a journey to fulfil an ancient prophecy.

Facebook: @DragonLaska
Twitter: @DragonLaska
Tumblr: @DragonLaska

confirmed for 2018!

Fallen Idols

I've been making comic books since 2nd grade. Had a natural talent for both storytelling and drawing. Always planned to publish stories after keeping a stable job. For many years tried to get into graphic design with little success. And eventually decided if no one would want me in their business, i would go into business by myself and started working on the first self published fantasy comic series Fallen Idols after 2 years in the making the first issue was published early this year. And now the second issue is already halfway through production.

Facebook: @FallenIdolscomic

confirmed for 2018!


Frank Candiloro is a comic illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, having self-published over 20 comics under my publishing label of FrankenComics. Although these comics take influence from classic genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns among others, they have an autobiographical emphasis in that they incorporate elements of their own life; these themes include body dysphoria, identity, gender and relating these themes through the more fantastical aspects of genre fiction. These comics have also been nominated for several awards, and one of them, Monster Zero, won the Bronze Ledger Award in 2015. Frank currently resides in Melbourne.  


confirmed for 2018!


Fortifeye is an illustrator, animator and writer based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a nostalgia for the plastic, tacky aesthetic of the early 2000s and a passion for creating colourful digital illustrations. Fortifeye's short comics, zines, and illustrations range from autobiographical looks at trauma and adolescence, recreations of morbid medieval texts, and crafting slice of life landscapes that explore mundane suburbia in a fantastical way.


confirmed for 2018!

Issey Fujishima

I’m Fuji, creator of The Reign of God, an epic graphic novel about Christian origins that I self-published in 2017. Spending five years of my life to get this ambitious series off the ground is surely the worst way to start a career as a comic artist, but that’s what I did, and I learned a lot from it. I love stories that immerse you in foreign worlds and complex characters who strive for meaning and connection. My artwork blends together influences from Japanese and Western culture, which reflects my Japanese-German background. I’m still learning the craft of visual storytelling, and other local creators in Australia are inspiring me to expand my creative skills.

Facebook: Issey Fujishima
Instagram: @isseyfujisima

confirmed for 2018!

Jess Gleeson

I fell in love with art at the age of nine, when I began art lessons outside of school, and never looked back. I became interested in comics in two ways, as a kid I would watch Teen Titans and the Justice League animated series every week night, and as I got older, I looked for the comics with these characters. I also started reading the Babymouse graphic novel series as a kid, and still love them to this day. Around the age of thirteen, I started creating my own comic strips, Kiki Komics, that I still make and post on my website now. Currently, I love combining my love of poetry and comics by adapting my own poems into comics. 

Instagram: @gleje_
Facebook: @GlejeComics
Twitter: @Gleje_

confirmed for 2018!

Hydro Girl, Sarah Renehan & John Renehan

Sarah, co-writer and colourist for The Adventures of Hydro Girl, was born with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and had her first brain surgery at just 4 weeks old. In 2011 she founded The Brain Drain Project, a website that provides support and raises funds for those suffering with hydrocephalus. Through talking to many people on the website it was made clear that a lot of people with the condition, young and older, had been victim to bullying because of suffering from hydrocephalus. This inspired Sarah, along with her brother John, to create Hydro Girl. As a symbol of hope and inspiration to those with the condition. Illustrator and author John Renehan began his artistic journey at the tender age of just 12. His imagination and love of fantasy worlds led him to pursue the arts. He has been published worldwide for his cartography works.

Website: hydrogirlofficial
Instagram: @hydrogirl13
Facebook: @theadventuresofhydrogirl
Twitter: @Hydro_Girl

confirmed for 2018!

Invisible Ink Studio

Invisible Ink Studio is the business end of Daniel A. Becker, who has been producing self published comics and art for the last 8 years. When not feverishly working on his own title, Master & Apprentice, he is either doing comic art prints, commissions, or commercial and business design. He is now steadily working on two new titles with other writers, the most recent being Tinsuits by D.A. Hogg, and a historical fiction graphic novel about the death of Socrates in the works.

Website: invisisble-ink-studio

confirmed for 2018!

Jar O' Dragon

Jennifer Reuter is a German-born, Melbourne-raised illustrator, comic artist, animator and game dev, who is fascinated by flipping tropes upside down, monsters, skeletons and powerful characters. She either captures epic uncanny worlds, or silly exaggerated cartoons (or sometimes both together). Snap and Katabatic are her local debut titles, though she's worked on web-comics previously. Her online moniker is “Jar O’ Dragon”, because she actually likes puns, so you’ve been warned.

Instagram: @jarodragon
Twitter: @jarodragon

confirmed for 2018!

N.S. Kane

Hi, I'm N.S Kane, comic writer and letterer. I have been currently writing for almost 3 years now after moving from novella-styled writing to comic scripts, as I found that they really suited my artist style more. I have a background in Fine Arts but I'm not that great at drawing though I do have a great eye for laying out comics and bringing characters to life. Since then, I have been attending conventions and selling my books, working on both creator-owned and client based comics. I have 10 tiles published and more on the way.  


confirmed for 2018!

Shaun Keenan

I’m the creator of the number one selling independent comic book series, the Xtreme Champion Tournament. With our first graphic novel released in March 2018 and our second scheduled for October we are powering along with the series. On top of that we are releasing a second series called Terralympus which we hope to release in November and a third series next year. Hope to see everyone at Indie Comic Con this year!

Facebook: @XtremeChampionshipTournament
Twitter: @XCTCOMIC

confirmed for 2018!

Darren Koziol, DARK OZ

I am the creator of DARK OZ - Australia's leading indie publisher. Over 150 creators (artists and writers, including myself) are featured so far in 24 issues of DECAY, a horror anthology for Mature readers, and in seven issues of the incredibly popular Retro Sci-Fi Tales ,an old-school sci-fi fun anthology, rated PG. These comics are the biggest and best showcase of Australian talent, a bumper 52-pages per issue! Produced & printed in Australia at supremely high quality, DARK OZ also produces several other titles including Silver City, Cthulhu and the vampire-themed Sisters. These world-class comics have also exhibited at San Diego Comic Con.

Facebook: @DECAY horror comic
YouTube: @DARK OZ Productions

confirmed for 2018!

John Lawry

I'm a visual artist with many years of experience. I have had twenty plus exhibitions of paintings. Over the last few years I have been producing graphic novels. I published the first, Dark Portal in 2017. Sun On The Forest is my 5th book.

Facebook: @johnlawryart

confirmed for 2018!

Pierre Lloga

I am the writer/illustrator of Excitement City, a three part series of graphic novels about a dysfunctional trio of friends on a mission to capture a psychotic ex wrestler. I've done a bunch of short comics over the years but this is my first long-haul comics making experience; and with two hundred or so pages inked thus far I'm still having lots of fun with it. The first instalment was launched at Indie Comic Con 2017. I live in Melbourne's North with my girlfriend, two dogs and a cat. I've spent several years working as an illustrator as well as exhibiting and doing street art. When I'm not drawing I enjoy watching action movies, especially ones made in Hong Kong between the 1970's and mid 90's.

Instagram: @pierredrawsstuff